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Shipping FAQ

Shipping FAQ

Where do you ship to?

We ship worldwide from our warehouse located in Shanghai China, Shenzhen China, and Hong Kong.

What shipping options are available?

We currently offer EMS shipping options for all of our customers worldwide.

Can I select Another shipping option?

Yes, any options that are available as a selection can be shipped to your shipping destination. We will get the safest and fastest shipping for you.

How can I take advantage of your Free Shipping over $39 offer?

It is Easy! Just simply make sure that there is at least $39 in your cart at checkout and it will automatically be calculated during the checkout process. All orders that take advantage of the free shipping will be shipped using the regular standard shipping method. If you prefer to have it shipped using a faster method, please select accordingly (DHL). However, there are some exclusions and restrictions to this which is answered in the next question.

What are the Terms and Conditions for the Free Shipping over $39 offer?

  1. Purchases eligible for Free Shipping are shipped via EMS Ground. Shipping times vary from 6-14 days depending on the location.
  2. Free Shipping applies worldwide.
  3. Some of the items we offer may be excluded from this offer due to their extreme size or weight or because the price we’re offering doesn’t give enough profit to cover shipping costs.  Although 99% of our store items are eligible for the free shipping offer we will indicate whether or not an item is ineligible in the product description. The major things to look out for here are large toys such as 1000% Bearbricks, Toys that weigh over 5 kg, oversized toys, and original artwork.  (If you want the combined shipping, please also Email us first!!)
  4. We reserve the right to add or change these conditions at any time.

How long will my package take to ship?

Most of the time we try to ship the same day but because we have inventory in multiple warehouses (Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hongkong), there can be a handling period of up to 1~3 days. Here are the shipping times below.

To Internationally:

Service Speed* Tracking Number
EMS To North America  6 to 14 days delivery Yes
DHL To North America 3 to 8 days delivery Yes
EMS To Europe 7 to 10 days delivery No
DHL To Europe 3 to 8 days delivery Yes

For more locations, Please Email Us and we will check for you. (Normally,  DHL Shipping takes 4 to 7 Days. EMS takes up to 15 days. Asian Country Should takes less time)

What about customs, duty fees and tariffs?

You are responsible for any customs, duties fees, or tariffs in accordance with your state or country’s specific requirements.

How will I know when my items are shipped?

An email confirmation will be sent to you along with the applicable tracking number. (Within 1 ~ 3 Days after placing the order)

What about shipping insurance?

We do not provide shipping insurance. If you would like to add shipping insurance to ensure a proper delivery then you will need to request this separately. (DHL Shipping is a better choice)

What if the item arrives damaged?

We handle all of our items with the utmost care (We will take a photo of the product and send it to you before ship out). Once we ship the item, it is now out of our responsibility and we cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur during shipping. We can help you by submitting a claim but there is no guarantee that it will be fruitful. Ultimately, you will need to request a product or shipping insurance before we ship it. Please refer to our refund policy on defective items.